What type of events do you do

You can book us for any type of events.

Weddings, Cooperate Events,  Conferences, Private Events, School Events,

 Movie/TV Shows Wrap Up, Festivals.


How far do you travel?

We love to drive around with Minty Charlotte, as long as it is within 30km radius from Bettembourg,

our home base. Travel beyond that radius will be charged at 1.5 Euro/km.

Are there any hidden fees with the package prices?

There are no hidden fees. All our prices are with the TTC. If there are special requests, we will discuss prices.

Will someone be attending the event with the bus?

Yes! the driver of the bus will be your attendant from start to finish during your event.

When do you set up for the event?

We arrive 45-30 min prior to the event and will attend the event during the length of the agreed upon contract.

Can we use our own props?

Yes! We have a nice selection of high quality props that are free to use. You are more than welcome to add to the mix.

Can my photo layout be personalized?

yes! We are able to customize the layout with a text or a logo.

What will I need to pre-arrange with the venue for the Photo Mobile?

We ask for a  minimum of 2,50m X 5,50m vehicle-friendly space to park. Minty Charlotte will also need a standard electrical outlet within 30m of where she will be stationed in order to operate.

As long as you have a 2,00m X 2,00m opening/entrance and permission from your venue, Minty Charlotte will be happy to take the party indoors.

Will I receive all the photos from the event?

We will send you a link to an online gallery of all of the images within 48 hours of your event. You will be able to download, share and print from the gallery. Extra service:  All the individual images will be available in the gallery and can be downloaded in a high resolution at an additional fee.

Can the bus be rented for a photo or video shoot?

yes! If you are already renting the bus during your event we can schedule some time to capture whatever you wish. if you want to rent the bus foley for a photo or video shoot (without the photo booth), please see our packages & pricing page for more information.


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